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CarPlay Issues






iPhone 11 Pro

Operating System

iOS 13.2 Beta 2


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CarPlay has some serious issues that need addressing.


firstly, playlist in your library never match how they are ordered on the phone. On my device the playlists are ordered by name, yet on CarPlay the playlists are ordered by last created/followed.


This also creates an issue in the playlists themselves, the songs are also listed by last added rather than the way in which the phone is sorted. In this case on my device it is sorted by most recently added, yet on CarPlay it is sorted in order of added.


Finally, why on earth is there a 200 song limit cap on playlists on CarPlay? This means if I want to play any songs past that limit first I have to go on my device instead of being able to interact with it through CarPlay.


Are there any solutions to any of these problems?



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