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(SOLVED) Spotify Freezes on Xiaomi

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(Xiaomi Red mi Note 9 Pro)

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(Android Pie) 


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I own a Xiaomi Redmi Note 8 Pro and the Spotify freezes completely 'everytime' when touching any of the 3 buttons menu on the app. The song keeps playing when it freezes. Waiting for the program respond does not help. I can't use 3 buttons to add a song to my lists etc.. 

I pay for a Premium. Now I use my old Iphone 4s for Spotify because of this issue.

As I heard, other Xiaomi model users experience this too. Can you please fix it fast? It's really annoying.

Edit 25/11/19: It's finally solved on my phone with the latest MIUI update. Thank you! 

Who Me Too'd this topic