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The Quality of Sound

Hi, I'm a new user of Spotify, today I have fews question which confuse me so much. I normally play my songs on Walkman app ( M4A, Flac and Mp3 format) with Wired headphone and Bluetooth devices

Here's my issue

   i) Why your 320 kbps sound bit rate on Spotify App are such a low quality when I use the bluetooth device? cuz I don't see the difference when I use Apple music

   ii) Can you guys improve sound quality? I have some good speakers and headphone but today it feels like I use a 10$ headphone.

    iii) Your app is amazing, keep doing great! I love the playlist. 🙂

 Thx. Spotify is better than others cuz the playlist algorithm is super smart but just one real problem thing is the sound quality and bluetooth stuff. 😞






Xperia Z5 Premium

Operating System

(Android 7.1)


Who Me Too'd this topic