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Phone media volume affecting spotify volume on other devices

Casual Listener

Device: Samsung Galaxy S8 (Android 9, last upgrade Oct 1, 2019)

Spotify version:

Plan: Premium


Spotify connect devices:

- Win 10 PC / Notebook

- Raspberry running Raspotify

iEAST AudioCast M5


My Question or Issue

I have noticed some weird volume changes when playing music on devices other than S8 - have been troubleshooting it for a while (turned off audio normalization, and hardware acceleration where available, etc) and tracked down to my phone causing the issue.


My scenario:

  • play music - either on Win 10 client or one of connected devices
  • set volume to 100%
  • volume gets randomly updated to match phone media volume setting

Confirmed by setting phone media volume to few different values, every time the volume of my Win 10 client or spotify connect device was updated to match phone media volume after a while. Usually I see some activity in devices section when this happens (like my phone showing up, or disappearing).


Things I've already tried:

- disabling volume normalization on all devices

- disabling hardware acceleration on PC clients

- reinstalling Android app and PC clients

- turning spotify connect devices off, turning PC clients off (when troubleshooting)

- manually killing Android app, and turning back on - doesn't cause volume change

Who Me Too'd this topic