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Sonos: Browsing through genres and moods in Spotify not possible anymore

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I am re-posting the below issue from a Sonos Community post, as the outcome is that the issue is with Spotify and not Sonos.

dynAdZ posted the problem all of us Sonos users have recently encountered.

Airgetlam replied that the issue is that Spotify has changed theri API response and no longer returns Browse.    😞 😞 😞 😞 😞 😞 😞 😞 😞 😞 😞 😞 

Spotify, please restore this feature to your API.


Spotify: Browsing through genres not possible anymore

by dynAdZ


since one of the more recent Sonos Controller updates, the experience when browsing Spotify through the controller application totally changed.

Since basically the beginning of (Sonos-)time it has been possible to browse the Spotify catalogue for the featured/highlighted playlists which change throughout the day and the thousands of playlists which are available in the different genre sections. E.g. you could go to genres and choose between rock, electronic, mood playlists, rap and many many more.

I used this workflow a lot every day to play exactly the playlists of which genre I want to hear right now.

Now, as mentioned, this experience has entirely changed. As far as I can see in the iOS or Windows controller apps, it’s now only possible to browse though folders with playlists which I either recently listened to or which are recommended by the Spotify algorithm.

Like I said, this breaks a workflow I (and my entire family) was using for quite a few years already. Now I can’t find an option anymore to manually browse the Spotify catalogue as it was possible before.


Airgetlam wrote:
Note that the data reflected in the Sonos search field is generated by Spotify. Sonos wrote the code that sends the request (what you typed) to Spotify, and Spotify parses the data, sends back a response, and Sonos displays what they receive from Spotify.

You may want to voice your concerns to Spotify directly.

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