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Automatically follows and downloads unwanted playlists




The Netherlands


Moto G4

Operating System

(Android 7.0)


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Each time I open spotify on my android, it follows and downloads the same playlists I don't want to download. I can keep unfollowing the playlists/albums, but once my android synchronizes again to whatever, it again automatically follows and downloads the same playlists/albums.

I've tried to unfollow the playlists/albums through the webplayer and the desktop application, but that doesn't make a difference, as once I open my mobile app again, the playlists/albums are back and ready to be downloaded again. 

It downloads in total 700 mb of unwanted songs, so it becomes a bit of a problem. 

And I also don't want to explain to people why I have downloaded the Top Hits Workout playlist. I just played it that one time as a joke (okay, two times). But now it appears to be soul bound to me.

Who Me Too'd this topic