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Android search appears very limited

I've done a search through the postings and it appears, at least historically, that the Android search facility is somewhat crippled. I've tries doing simple searches on 3 different Android platforms (HTC One, Samsung note 2, SAmsung note 10.1) and all exhibit similar behavior returning only 5 artists results.  For example, guessing search term 'Peter', I get 5 Artist results, Peter Tosh, Peter GAbriel, Peter Brodersick, Peter Bjoorn and Peter Frampton.  If I do a similar search on my PC or IOS platform I get a much larger return.


I've looked carefully thought settings to see if there is a parameter to change the behavior of the search function, but I've not found anything.


Am I missing something or is this just a limitation of the current Android search?


Thanks G

Who Me Too'd this topic