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Choppy playback. Spotify app rollback on webos

Device: LG UJ620V 

Operating System: webOS 05.80.35

Spotify version: 2.0.12



I have a very annoying problem with Spotify app on my webOS TV, which is currently running the latest software update.
Spotify playback is choppy, is buffering all the time at the beginning of every song played, and in the middle of playback only if I am browsing through the app itself.
The internet connection is a 1000Mbps wired, so this is not a problem. Playback on Deezer, Youtube, Netflix, HboGo, Aljazeera TV is flawless. No buffering, no choppy sound at all.
This issue has occurred since last but one update. The current version of the app is 2.0.12 (March 2019)
So, is there any chance, to be able to downgrade the Spotify app to a previous version?

I know that my TV could be a bit old, but hey, not so old since the Spotify is the only app that have this issue.
Is there anyone that has encountered a similar problem on other webOS TVs?


Who Me Too'd this topic