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Google Home mini keeps pausing and resuming

When I'm playing music from Spotify on my Google Home mini everything works as long as I don't touch my phone. The minute I unlock the screen, the music starts acting like sometimes it's buffering: it pauses and a few seconds resume playing. This happens randomly when the phone is on and my workaround has been to terminate the app, but it only lasts for a couple of minutes because the Spotify app is summoned back to life by Android (or Google Home app, that has an internal integration with the app related to the current service being used, I guess).

This only happens with Spotify, other music providers I sign work flawlessly. I tried different Spotify  accounts also, but couldn't try a different phone: I'm always using my Pixel 3 XL.

I already tried the basics like resetting and reinstalling everything on both ends: GHmini and my phone. 

What I think it's happening is some problem after the Spotify app is awaken (eg. after unlocking the screen) and it tries to catch up the current position of the track being played by my GHmini, but mistakenly sends a command to the speaker to reposition the interval being played, so the GHmini needs some seconds to retrieve that interval back from the server.

It's annoying and right now motivates me to use other music providers more frequently.

If someone can share some thougths on this, I'd appreciate it.


Who Me Too'd this topic