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Plagiarized Song

So I tried going through Spotify's method of reporting this, but apparently that only works if you are/represent the original owner of the song, so I'm just gonna copy paste what I said here.




Offending link:


Notes/other info:

This artist, Kong Song GR, has only one song. This one song is an exact copy of the song One Minute by Deescounted, and Kong Song's version was released 6+ months after Dees's. Google recognized it as Dees's when I played it for it, and as far as I can tell there is no difference between the two.


Relevant links:

Deescounted's album:

One Minute:

This honestly scares me, because the original artist has less than a thousand listens on each song, and this Kong Song group has over 22k. Really makes me worried for the little guys here.



So... Yeah. I honestly only found this out because I was trying to find the song on YouTube and discovered that outside of Spotify and a couple other sketchy websites, neither this group or this song under this name exist. Pls fix Spotify thanks


BTW I have no association whatsoever with either party

Edit: switched a link around by accident

Who Me Too'd this topic