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Songs by artist A.K. being added to my playlist

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Edit: Still having this issue with it persisting for over 2 weeks now. I really hope the mods here can mark this as still not solved because clearly the "Solution" is not working. This is ridiculous coming from such a large company with a large population of members. I have been a listener for quite some time now and have had premium for most of that time. Another thing I noticed is that my Premium plan changed from the normal $10 plan to the family plan for no reason and I got charged the $15. I never chose the family plan because everyone I know is either already on a family account or has their own premium. If you're having this issue I still recommend resetting your passwords and Unfollowing A.K. For now I've been just double checking before I leave the house every morning removing the songs if they pop up again. I really hope that someone actually important and can get things done around here sees this post and looks into the issue further. As a Community Manager of a 30k member gaming community I can safely say Spotify has some serious issues when it comes to community support and addressing issues with their platform.








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Over the past week I've had random "A.K" songs added to pretty much all of my playlists. It also shows that I'm following A.K. When it first happened I just removed the songs from the playlist, but every day it seems to keep popping up. I have Premium and every time I look this issue up it's always with the "Free plan Suggested songs". I don't even know what A.K is and their "Music" is low key kinda trash ngl. So let's keep this**bleep** off of my Metal playlists spotify. Thanks.

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