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App is just plain bad Tech






Redmi note 4x, Redmi note 7, Redmi note 8 pro, iPhone 6 plus

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iOS, Android


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This app... I don't want to be mean or anything, but... It's garbage. You need to redesign it from scratch.


It just plain doesn't work.

And I say this from the standpoint of someone who really likes Spotify. 


I mean, the app itself is good. Nice features and content but it doesn't matter if the app doesn't work.


This is a list (not exhaustive) of problems I had through the years:

- List of download song not loading (or taking absurd amount of time)

- Song pauses for no reason

- Song quality suddenly drops (like static interference)

- App freezes

- Pause song for a while and then it doesn't play any more



This just are some. Different phones, different OS, and in different times. Also searching online, found a lot of people with same issues.


Sadly I'm tired of these issues, and recently tried other music apps that really work. So I'll be cancelling my premium membership until you solve this, and using another app. But from what I've seen its going to be years.


Just leaving my two cents here, so at least you get some feedback.

Who Me Too'd this topic