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Echo Dot 3 not showing up in spotify devices

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Hi! Everything was fine (except that: when I tried to play different playlist/artist or whatever Alexa said that she starts playing that playlist, but previous was still playing and to fix that I had to unlink & link again spotify account to my spotify skill in alexa app. And this error occured even few times a day, so I had to re-link my account few times a day), but today I bought a new router and connected all my smart devices to this new router, and after that everything is still fine except alexa can't play any music from spotify. When I say "Alexa, shuffle Echo playlist" she responds "Echo from Spotify", but nothing happens and when I opened my Spotify app I saw that my echo dot 3 is not showing up on my devices list. I tried disabling & enabling spotify skill in alexa app many times, but it didn't worked & I have no idea what to do.

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