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Go online to see menu.







Samsung Galaxy A6 2018 (December)

Operating System

Android 9.0

My Question or Issue


Constantly says "Go online to see menu." When I'm online already, try it with both 4G and Wi-Fi, but it shouldn't matter anyway as I am on premium with the songs downloaded. I don't want to have to reinstall like every other one of these threads suggests because I have 2500 tracks downloaded and that would take a very long time. I would just like a simple fix, I'm fed up of this as I have been having this problem for months, wondering what I'm really paying for. It just randomly works again after ages of saying it normally, but that is after a good 30-60 mins of retrying an getting the same message. All I am trying to do is click on the menu to either like a song or add a liked (and downloaded) already song to a playlist. Please help.


Who Me Too'd this topic