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Spotify Original podcast ads with premium

I am listening to The Besties podcast, a Spotify original, on my premium account on both my phone and my computer. In the past, I have been able to start listening to the podcast with no ads before the opening. In the middle, they say "we'll take a break", and have an ad break. Previously there would be no ad, and it would go straight back into the hosts talking, which I assumed was because I have Spotify premium, and I know that this podcast can be listened to for free. However, the past week or two, there have been ads both at the beginning of the podcast and in the middle. Well, it's one ad, for SquareSpace, which is incredibly loud and feature's a woman's high pitched and very annoying in general voice. It is over 30 seconds and hard to skip every part of it, and it legitimately hurts my ears and makes me incredibly uncomfortable, due to my neurological hypersensitivity to audio. Suffice to say I will never be using SquareSpace. Am I wrong in thinking that because I pay for Spotify premium that I should not have to listen to this ad? Is this a glitch? Should I stop listening to this podcast and only listen to podcasts that I burn onto a CD and play in a portable CD player, or record onto a cassette so I can listen to them on a Walkman?


And honestly, if I have to listen to it, can it at least be in a voice that is easy to listen to, perhaps one similar register to the hosts of the show, which I have chosen to listen to because their voices do not drive me crazy, so it's not so jarring?


I apologize if I sound hostile. I despise advertising (why I pay for premium) and certain sounds/tonal frequencies like the ones in this ad I am talking about can severely negatively impact my mood.

Who Me Too'd this topic