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My account was accessed from Russia







(iPhone 11 Pro, MacBook Pro 2013, iMac Retina 2018, Acer PC)

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(MacOS 14.6, iOS 13.3, Windows 10)


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Hi, my account was accessed from Russia today. I had a very secure password so I wouldn't have expected this to be possible. Is there any way to find out what, if anything, the hacker did to my account and playlists while they were logged in?


As soon as I saw the notification email from Spotify about the login, I clicked the link to sign out of all devices and changed my password to a new equally secure one. Are there any other suggestions to prevent this from ever happening again? I can't tell what this person might have changed in my account because I have so many playlists both recreational and work related, but I wondered if someone at the Spotify team would be able to determine any changes that were made.



Who Me Too'd this topic