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Weird: new cap on playlist size that Connect will control over Amazon speakers?

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My Question or Issue

I have noticed a recent, weird change in the Spotify software.  For years I have controlled Spotify playback through Amazon speakers from my laptop or phone.  Just recently, I have found that some larger playlists cannot be controlled from the Spotify app when playing over Amazon speakers.  You cannot select a song from a longer playlist and get it to play over Amazon speakers, it just doesn't react.  You can do the same thing with a shorter playlist.  Even in the longer playlist, you can select a song from the device if you are playing back on the device itself, but not through Alexa.  I have even copied part of a longer playlist to make a new, shorter playlist, and that works.  But not for the longer playlist.  Spotify support says this is not supposed to happen, and had me reinstall Spotify and any Alexa apps, disable and reenable the Spotify skill, etc., but no change, this seems to be a limitation of the Spotify Connect software as it is played through Amazon Alexa.  I haven't tracked down what the size threshold is, but I have found it to happen in more than one playlist over 3,500 songs long.  Can anyone else reproduce this behavior? 

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