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Bad Hide Song Functionality

Hi there, I've never been on this forum but have to comment on Spotify's latest update.


As a Human Factors Professional, I am disappointed by the idea to put 'Hide Song' at the top of the options when you click the additional options area of a song. I do not see why hiding songs would be the top functionality users may want to do after the options on the main music player/browser screens.


With my own personal usage, the hierarchy should remain the same, with add to playlist, add to queue, etc. as in the prior version. This update ignores the hierarchy of needs for your users and has caused me to commit multiple errors where I end up hiding songs that I want to add to playlists. Additionally, the errors that this poor placement will cause are harder to recover from, as I will now have to remember what song I accidentally hid, search for it in the search, a playlist, or album, and unhide it, and then add it to my playlist.


I hope this is an A/B test or that someone who can reach the UI/UX team will accept my complaint and take a look. I love Spotify but I have to complain when I see my favorite app violating a usability heuristic.







iPhone 11,

Operating System

Ios 13.3.1


Who Me Too'd this topic