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Downloaded songs keep moving to internal storage

Motorola g(7) plus

Android 10



I have a Motorola G(7) Plus, with 64gb internal storage, and 128gb SD card. I have Spotify set to download songs to the SD card. My phone came pre-installed with Android Pie. Earlier this week it receive an OTA update from the manufacturer to Android 10. Once the update was complete, all my songs had been wiped, and re-downloaded to the Internal Storage. Once the download had finished, I then moved them back to the SD card.

I then had an issue with another app, and in the process of troubleshooting I rebooted my phone. On restart all my songs were now back on internal storage, and I had to move them again.

This morning I had an internet glitch with my wifi, and so rebooted everything (router, pc, tablet, and my phone). Now I find my songs have again moved back to internal storage and I am going to have to move them again. It looks like this is going to happen now any time I reboot my phone. How do I stop Spotify from keep moving my downloads back to internal storage?



Who Me Too'd this topic