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How do I remove "force injected" ads in Podcasts (Premium)


I have Spotify premium and keep getting "force injected" ads when listening to podcasts. I'm NOT talking about embedded ads into the audio itself. I don't know what to call it other than "force injected".  


For example, these ads cut in at any time, often mid-sentence while the host is talking and is very disruptive(I don't think any host would do this on purpose). These ads also add extra run time to the episodes, in one episode, Spotify labels the length as 16:40, but when you hit play, these "force injected" ads lengthen the total runtime to 17:39. It's the same type of ad setup I've heard on Apple podcast. Any show that had these types of ads on Apple, I get the same for Spotify. 


To reiterate, this is NOT an embedded ad, the ads will change dynamically on multiple listens to the same episode. 


How do I disable Spotify from allowing these "force injected" ads through my premium account? 


Thank you so much for your help!


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This is happening to both my desktop and mobile apps running the most up to date OS for both my Mac Pro 2013 (macOS 10.15.4) and iPhone 7 (IOS 13.4.1).

Plan: All devices are logged into my Spotify Premium account.  All apps are up to date.

Country: USA.



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