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LG TV (WebOS 5.80.30) Spotify Refuses to Play

Casual Listener






LG TV 43"

Operating System

(WebOS 5.80.30)


So i have 3 LG TVs and one of them Being my Office TV started to Lag while play back and stoppped playing randomly [Skip song fixed that] then it started lagging again this morning, restart TV [Quick Start+ disabled] Spotify now when i open it loads no problem is can see it in my app (Computer/Android) but when i try to connect it disapears, "OK, not a problem i have a remote" click play nothing "maybe my enter button is broken" grab the remote from another TV i can cycle menus but cant press PLAY on a song or SHUFFLE, Installed ThinQ App [TV Remote App] stil nothing Spotify refuses to play my music on this TV, try it on my 2 other TVs no problem


- Uninstall/Reinstall Spotify [Doesn't Work]

- Factory Reset my TV [Doesn't Work]

- Region Change my TV [Nothing]

- Double check network access [Still refuses to play or pair with my devices]


Someone Encounter this before?



[EDIT] NONE of my TVs play Spotify now ...

Who Me Too'd this topic