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Won't play on Xiaomi MiBox



Xiaomi mibox s

Android 9 - Core Version 4.9.113

1.30.0 com.spotify.tv.android


Forced to stop app then open  (still problem),  unistall the app and install again (still problem), unistall with clean reinstall (https://community.spotify.com/t5/Spotify-Answers/How-can-I-perform-a-clean-reinstall-of-the-app/ta-p...) (still problem) 

This is an android box so i connect it with usb-ethernet cable and wifi (both not working)

It is not playing any song in-app or spotify connect with Macbook Pro. I can play only with Google cast from android mobil device but I prefer Spotify App or Spotify Connect to stream beacause Macbook  Pro is not able to discover Google Cast. 


All other streaming (audio or video) apps are working normally with the Android box and just spotify app and spotify connect are not streaming anything.



Serkan E.

Who Me Too'd this topic