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Android TV app buggy since last versions

I have an Android TV with Oreo (v8) and since past week Spotify has been buggy as ever.

At first it was simply unusable. Whenever I try to start a playlist or a song nothing happened. 

Today a new update was released (1.31.0) and at first it seems to works. However once a playlist is finished, the app bugs everywhere. Music is played, but in the reproduction screen the old playlist is showed up, like if the music is stopped. Navigation is randomly buggy, sometimes it opens a playlist some others it just show the background picture. Cannot stop music reproduction...


What the **bleep** is wrong Spotify? I'm not paying premium for this 😔. I'm going to get a 25% refund for not being able to use the app for one week? I presume not... 

Maybe is time to think about changing music streaming service. Any recommendations? Apple music? Google? What about Amazon Music?

Who Me Too'd this topic