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[Your Library] Bring back Artist page that Contains Saved Songs







iPhone X

Operating System

iOS 13.5.1


My Question or Issue

After the new mobile app UI update, I can no longer click the artist in "Your Library" to find all my saved songs from that artist. It will go the Search artist page which only have popular songs and all album/singles/ep. This means I can no longer only play the songs I liked from that artist. 


What's even worse is that Spotify marked this issue as "resolved" per a past thread that I'll link here.


I don't know how they resolved the issue for one part of the world and then somehow implemented the same issue here in the USA. I petition to have this feature added back immediately 


If Spotify refuses to fix this, I'll need to consider the switch to Apple Music. I've been a Spotify premium member since 2015 I might add...

Who Me Too'd this topic