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Blocking songs in Daily Mix now only temporarily skips it - comes back the next day

Some change was recently made that changes the way blocking works in the Daily Mixes. It looks like the ability to block (skip) specific songs in a shared playlist was finally added, so your device will skip over songs in a public playlist, but the playlist is unchanged.


Not so great for personalized auto-playlists though...


It used to ask "block song or block artist" and then it would remove those from the Daily Mixes, but now it just blocks the song, greys it out in the playlist, but the next day, it's back again. Of course, it should stay blocked if I said to block a song... but no, every day I'm greeted with the same poorly-matched song in middle of my daily mix, no matter how often I block it. It should stay gone, or at least greyed/blocked.


It was remarkably hard to find a button to click to add a new "issue" and it seems to be impossible to add a new entry directly to "issues", so don't chide me for not posting in the right section. This is an issue on both iOS and Android versions of the latest Spotify app (Android version as I write this). Premium, of course.

Who Me Too'd this topic