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Problem with Harman Kardon enchant 800 / Spotify connect

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(Samsung S 10 plus) 

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I own an Harman kardon enchant 800 which has an Chromecast Audio/Spotify Connect function.


It has worked rather flawlessly for the last couple of months. But since a couple of days ago the Spotify-music has been been distorted and/or laggy when I play with Spotify connect. This problem happens on both my phone, which is an android-phone, and my partners phone, which is an iPhone.


The funny thing is that I don't have a problem playing sound from other applications. They connect with "chromecast" without problem. So the speaker can't have any problems. It seems that the problem is concentrated to Spotify.


Does anybody know why this is? I've not had this problem before. I've already tried resetting the speaker. 


Thanks in advance! 

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