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Spotify is horrible to use on Nvidia shield tv pro








Nvidia shield tv pro

Operating System

Android TV


My Question or Issue

Just moved over to a Nvidia tv pro and absolutely hate how Spotify is on there. (to the point of actually looking into other music streaming options) Currently the biggest flaw is that I am unable to view artists and albums in alphabetical order as there is no filter (unlike my mobile phone and my other cheap old android box) no option to see new releases on a Friday and find the whole experience clunky and not user friendly. Its almost like it has been designed by a person that does not like music !! Why is this so different from the usual android Spotify app????? (which i am very happy with)

I can use my phone to select an artist or album but why should I when I just paid out on a supposedly "top of the game entertainment device"
Is there any solution to this? I tried sideloading Spotify from my other android box, it would install but not open.

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