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KNOWN UNRESOLVED ISSUE FOR YEARS - Spotify redownloads all songs every phone restart

Music Fan






Xiaomi Redmi Note 4X

Operating System

Android 7 (MIUI) -> 7.1.2 (custom systems since there)-> 8 -> 8.1 -> 9 -> 10

My Question or Issue

As title says - almost every reboot Spotify resets songs location to internal storage and redownloads songs. When I switched in options to SD card it still redownload songs again and again. It seriously destroys FLASH memory when Spotify wants to download over 1000 songs again.


One year ago I have reported issue there:



And found workaround-solution which at the beggining seems to work partially, buty it doesn't work all the time. It's ******* KNOWN issue for years but still is unresolved. Shame!


I tried:

- denying/allowing various permissions to Spotify,

- disabling or enabling battery saving for phone,

- mounting SD card as extended internal storage (even I prefer to have it external)
- enabling developers options and allow to install or move app on SD card (I have that option but I do not see possibility to move Spotify to SD card),
- disabling overall Spotify app at system boot,

- modyfying app receivers (especially disabled broadcast receiver) - Spotify did not start, stuck at logo,

- disabling notifications - app does not start when I disabled "Spotify Music" notification,

- log out via all devices except phone,

- changing to SDHC, SDXC sc-cards,

- formatting SD cards with exfat, ext4 file systems,

- removing PIN and lock code.

Both Internal and SD cards were unencrypted all the time.


I feel really dissapointed of poor experience of Spotify on Android. Should I give a **** about copyrights and try to decompile, modify (hack) Spotify binaries, to remove/block every app blobs, binaries, permissions etc. to get it work? Maybe read-only mode or script which restores all Spotify files every boot might help?


Or just don't support that bugged app. There are various of services that can convert my playlists and move to i.e. Tidal or Google Play Music?




I tried first of them, I didn't like it but it worked so it has a big advantage compared to Spotify. I maybe it's a matter of habit.


There are very, very many threads where people described that problem on various phones and systems, there were few solutions but none of them helped.

I posted "few" of them.

So... Spotify devs - could you finally fix that damn issue? Prevent Spotify from booting with system, check if SD card is available later, fix cache files or something?!


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Angry and dissapointed Spotify user.

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