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Spotify Won't Recognize Updated Amazon Echo Dot Names

I've found numerous posts about this issue, but after a maddening 4 days of troubleshooting, fix trial and error, etc. etc. I'm still at a loss at how to definitively get this working.  To anyone at Spotify working with Amazon on this issue I think the MANY Spotify customers who are struggling with this would appreciate a solution once and for all.  Here is the quick synopsis:


- I have developed a home audio solution using a set of Amazon Echo Dots (7 of them) that plug into amplifiers and drive speakers throughout my home.  It's an awesome solution and it's a powerful, simple, and relatively cost-effective way of modernizing a home audio implementation.

- I've used a combination of re-purposed Dots from a prior home, and bought several new ones.

- Each have been de-registered from an old account and re-registered and re-named to a new Amazon account and email address to keep everything clean

- After each have been set up, I've linked my Spotify account to the Amazon account and the named Dots begin to appear as "devices" that I can stream audio too.  This goes for groups as well that I've created.

- What I find is that about half of the Dot names are correct in Spotify, and the rest are named "... Echo Dot", "... 2nd Echo Dot", "... 3rd Echo Dot", etc.


Over 4 days, I have done the following:

- Confirmed that everything is properly named in my Alexa app

- Unlinked and relinked my Spotify account with Amazon

- Rebooted my access point, router, etc.

- Logged out of every device on this account, rebooted everything, and logged back in

- Changed names of all the devices still listed as "... x Echo Dot"

- Allocated different IP addresses via DHCP to all my Dots

- Cleared the cache / data for the Spotify an Alexa apps on my Android phone

- Uninstalled and reinstalled the Spotify and Alexa apps on my Android

- Every other permutation of the above!


All everyone posting this problem (people write it up in many different ways) wants is for naming and naming changes of Alexa devices to be consistent, recognized, and happen immediately.  I cannot for the life of me figure out how some of the names are being captured and stored, and why something as simple as capturing a renaming isn't working.  Can anyone help figure this out?  Where is this "stale data" even being stored and why won't it update no matter what users try?  Please help!


Who Me Too'd this topic