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Bring back like/dislike radio buttons







My Question or Issue

I like to use the the playlist radio option to find new songs similar to songs I already know and like. I used to use the like/dislike option to help cater the radio to what I want. But that feature was mostly removed and it's only kind of available in like the release radar.


My main draw of spotify used to be its algorithm in finding me new music. Now I can only hide a song from the radio IF I'm at my computer. On IOS I have 0 options and I'm just stuck with it like I'm listening to the radio in my car. 


I can understand removing lesser used features to bring in new ones. However, there has been no new feature that has made up for the removal of this one in my opinion. I felt like the like/dislike buttons helped the algorithm decide what kind of songs to put in the radio. But, now I don't have any way of explicitly telling the radio I want more or less like this because it thinks it knows best. It doesn't. Please let me customize my radio stations based on my playlists again. 


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