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Songs skipping on Google Home, Chromecast Audio







Device Running Spotify App

iPhone 7 with iOS 13.6 (Spotify 8.5.70) OR Macbook Pro late 2012 with macOS Mojave 10.14.6 (Spotify


Device Playing Music

Google Home, Chromecast Audio, Google Wifi Hub.


My Question or Issue

Songs skip around without me pressing any buttons within the app. I select a song and it immediately jumps back and forth between songs.

I've tried it with the following products in our home: Google home, Chromecast Audio, Google Wifi hub. I also have Chromecast video and home mini but have not tried streaming the music on it.
All google products are fully up to date and have been rebooted. I have also logged out of Spotify from all devices and re-logged in and changed my Spotify password.
Song skipping occurs when music is controlled from either phone or computer. Song skipping occurs when playing both individual speakers and groups, does not occur when played only on a computer or phone.
This has been happening for more than a month, very intermittently before, but recently it's gotten so bad it's completely unusable.
A fix would be greatly appreciated!
Who Me Too'd this topic