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Menu Bar Location settings

Premium/USA -Amazon Fire 8 Andriod


With the most recent update to the Spotify app on my Fire, the menu bar location changed to the side w/out any setting being changed on my part. The new location has made spotify nearly useless on my device as it's drastically changed the size and spacing for the words and lists on the main body of the screen. I am sure the decreased space and font sized will be very irritated for some users with vision issues.

The side bar takes up nearly a third of the screen making it very difficult to read, scroll or operate any other list or section of the app, nearly making the whole thing non-functional.

If there was the option to chose menu bar location in setting (as most device's screens have different dimensions and aspect ratios, so certain formations are just not user friendly or functional on all devices) the usability of the app, even after updates, would be increased. Also personal preference and accessibility functions get disrupted when there is no choice on the user's part, but the ability to change settings and the bar location would increase accessibility, and decrease frustration when an update renders an app, that you pay for services on, useless.


Is there any solution to get the menu bar back at the bottom w/out having to completely uninstall the app, turn off updates, and attempt to get a backdated version that still functions?



Who Me Too'd this topic