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Data Usage

Casual Listener

Right folks, so I pretty much use Spotify every day on my iPhone.. I have a 1GB monthly contract.


However, if I spend any decent amount of time listening to music on Spotify (normally to and from work) my data usage seems to expire after 10/15 or so days.


Now, I have just this very moment changed my streaming from 320-Kbit/s to 96Kbit/s.. So will this make much of a difference to the amount of songs I can stream in a month? And if so, will there be a large difference in the quality of sound?


Would 160Kbit/s be a sort of happy medium between the amount of songs I can stream and the quality of sound?


Just looking for as much information as I can on the subject!


Also, a bit of an odd question but does anyone out there know how long it actually takes to stream a song on Spoitfy???




Who Me Too'd this topic