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Spotify for volvo is awful


I recently bought a new volvo XC40. Really nice car, and I was stoked to find a native spotify client. I found that the sound quality of the native client was much better than blueooth or carplay so I really want to use it.


Unfortunately the app is horrible, and it is really disappointing that neither Spotify nor Volvo (both known for their excellent product quality) has done anything about it. Issues are:

  • After starting the car and starting Spotify it can take up to 5 minutes to start streaming (and sometimes it never does - you have to switch to radio and back to get it to work)
  • More than half the time, the track shown on the screen is not the track that I am listening to. 
  • Maybe 30% of my Library is shown, and nothing is in alphabetical order, making it unusable
  • There are constant interruptions and "Buffering...". I am on a 4G service in a metropolitan area, and get 50Mbps down on average

So there are 2 major issues here:

  1. The user interface of the app itself displays incorrect information and is close to unusable. Issue for the developer
  2. The way data is used by the app / car is broken (I suspect this is a volvo issue)


I am not sure if this app was developed by Spotify or Volvo. If it was developed by Volvo I can kinda understand that a car manufacturer would build a bad app, but if it was developed by Spotify then shame on you for allowing such a mess to tarnish your reputation! You are both from Sweden and should have developed something worthy of both your companies


Would love to know if anyone else has encountered these problems and if they have found a solution


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