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Joe rogan podcast video still not available on all platforms


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United States of America 



iphone 11 max, Amazon echo, Amazon fire-stick, LG C9 TV



My Question or Issue

Joe rogan is the biggest podcast on earth and you still haven’t fixed the “No video” playing problem. On all devices the podcast will play including my LG C9 tv Spotify app, but only does the iPhone 11 max Spotify app show video playing. Even when I try streaming from the actual app while the video is playing the video part won’t stream, I’ve tried on my fire stick and echo as well. It’s obviously being blocked and in the help section moderators are giving answers that the problem is solved. His videos get millions of views on other platforms so they are watching the video. This is mind boggling a company with your resources can’t fix this. It works on my iPhone so why doesn’t it work on every other device possible? That means it’s a Spotify problem. Please fix it. 

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