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Spotify plays and pauses constantly (100 times per second) on chromecast

Spotify premium, installed on multiple devices (apple and android) with the same account. Mostly playing on chromecast, also on headphones or Bluetooth


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After a while I decided to cancel deezer and get back to spotify. I used my existing account and bought spotify premium for a month. I mostly play on a chromecast, controlling from phones (apple and android). After a couple of songs, Spotify constantly plays and pauses, like 100 times per seconds, resulting in garbage.  On the chromecast, you constantly see the pause icon. On my phone I constantly get a pop-up, saying 'spotify is trying to play'.


It's pretty annoying. How can I fix this? I've tried reinstalling apps on the phones (including deleting cache and data) resetting chromecast to factory default, singing out of all devices... The only solution i have right now is going back to Deezer. I'm giving spotify a month. How can I resolve this?

Who Me Too'd this topic