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Recently played, playlists, followers, liked songs not mine

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I've just logged in and all the recently played are another user.

All the playlists are different (mine are still there but there are 10 other playlists of someone elses)

I am now following 73 random artists compared to a few of my friends previously. Mine are still there at the bottom below all these others


Something seems to seriously gone wrong like my accounts been merged with someone else


The user appears to be Heroldtop who created these random playlists that are now on my account (I'm going through deleting them though)


I have around 100 liked songs in the past day. My 2 remain from last year at the bottom. So whatever has been happening was just in the past day.



Also I changed my password earlier and new songs are still being added to Liked songs that are not me, what is going on????

Who Me Too'd this topic