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Add next / previous tracks buttons on podcasts






Samsung Note 8

Operating System

Android oreo


My Question or Issue

I would like to have a previous track and next track button in addition to fast forward /rewind when listening to podcasts.  When driving it would be much safer and easier to hit next track instead of unlocking my phone, going into my queue and moving to the next track.  Currently, my only alternative is to hit fast forward repeatedly until the podcast ends which is tedious.


This issue comes up frequently during "my daily drive" which will sometimes replay podcasts ive already heard or start 15 to 30 minute podcasts in which i do not have time to listen to.  Please add this simple feature.  


Also, if the rationale for having one or another is due to space in the button bar, then we should have the option to choose which buttons we want.  For example, I rarely if ever fast forward through songs or podcasts.  However, I do like rewinding to rehear things I missed or have the ability to skip tracks.  I would be content if all of my songs/podcasts just had a 15 second rewind and a move to next track button.


Thank you.


Who Me Too'd this topic