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Spotify Crashes in Car on First Song






iPhone 8

Operating System

iOS 14.2


My Question or Issue

Lately, Spotify has started crashing in my car. I download music ahead of time so everything I play is already on my phone and I connect through Bluetooth to my car.


I will start the first song in a playlist and then Spotify will crash/close after a little more than a minute into the song. Then, I'll re-open Spotify on my phone, press play, and everything will work properly for the rest of the car ride. This happens consistently every time I use Spotify in the car and I've never had an issue connecting via Bluetooth to other speakers or headphones.


I've tried reinstalling Spotify on my phone as well as using the website to log-out from everywhere and then re-login but neither of those solutions has worked. Any idea what could be wrong? Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Who Me Too'd this topic