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False Reporting/Abuse even when Playlist Secret

Casual Listener

Made a playlist about a piece of media four years ago. I had tried looking for one that I liked but didn't find one so I made it myself. Thought I'd spread the joy by making it my only public playlist, just in case anyone wanted to follow it. 


Fast forward to now. Someone reported my playlist on November for the first time ever. I thought it was a glitch or something but things have escalated during the past few days and now it happens as soon as I fix my title, description and image. If I have time and try to fight back, it keeps happening every 10mins at the least. I have tried contacting Spotify on all available platforms, they are not helping.


I've now found a few playlists newer than mine with eerily identical names and songs in the same order. Of course, with Spotify, there's no way to contact them. And, of course, with Spotify, I can't block them either. So I caved in and made the playlist secret. And what do you know, it was STILL reported! So now I can't have the title be what I want even in private??? This feels very invasive.


While I am happy that some 4 000 people enjoy my playlist and follow it, this has never been anout getting popular. That's why I have no problem staying secret, as happy as I was keeping the playlist public.


I just want this to stop. Any ideas?



Who Me Too'd this topic