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I Cannot Find Myself By Searching My Artist Name


Hi, my name is Par. I've been posting music to Spotify since 2016 and I have 212 followers on Spotify with ~260 monthly listeners. I also have 1.1K followers on instagram who do keep in touch with me and my music. I know that's not much, but I've had playlist placements and garnered plenty of streams. Yet, my fans and I cannot search up my name on Spotify even if they tried. The "easiest" option is via Googling "Par. Spotify" and I'm literally the first search item. Some of my contemporaries have a similar amount of monthly listeners and it still shows up in the search bar. I've been told countless times by Spotify support that I need to "improve my social media presence" but at this point it's getting ridiculous. Some of my friends just released an album earlier this month, created their Instagram profile in the same time period and you can easily find them ("Bitter Sunday"). However, when you try to search for me ("Par."), you won't find a single thing. How can a person who has grown their following slowly but surely over the past five years have absolutely no results but someone who just recently created their profile gets better treatment? You'll just see a bunch of other unrelated search items and artists that don't seem to be related to me at all. My fans and I are frustrated by Spotify's lack of urgency to solving this matter. I have the following, I have the fans, I have the social media presence, I don't understand what else it is that you require for me to even show up in your search bar. Also, I do apologize for the abrasive tone, but it has been almost 5 years now and still no action has been done to address this issue. For my fans, please fix this issue. I've also attached images comparing the search results between Bitter Sunday and Par. and shown the stats from my Par. artist profile as well.

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