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spotify embed code - follow widget is not working properly (follow-function)






Macbook Pro late 2013 and PC 

Operating System

Mac OS 10.14.6  and Windows 10

Google Chrome 87.0.4280.141

My Question or Issue

I used to create code to embed spotify artists on my website.


The problem is:
The "follow-function" of the widget is not working properly:

You can see a test here:


1. when I go to my page, it shows me the Spotify follow widget for five different artists. The widget only shows "follow" without a checkbox - you can't immediately see if you are following the artist or not.

2. now when i click on "follow" to an artist profile in the widget, i have to log in to spotify and after that "follow status" is correctly displayed to each artist profile on my page.
(this only works if i allow popups!).

3. an artist I already follow: if I now click on the widget "follow" on my website, the text changes to "unfollow". If I click this, the display remains afterwards however further on "follow", i.e. the function does not work correctly.

4. an artist, which I do NOT follow so far: If I click on the widget "follow" to this artist on my website, then a popup opens briefly, then it closes and it continues to say "follow" (without checkbox). I.e. the "follow" action did not work for this artist.


Checking the unfollow/follow-actions i did with the widget:

If I look directly into my Spotify account after performing point 3. and 4., I still follow the artist from 3. - i.e. the "unfollow" action did not work. Also the artist to point 4 was not followed, i.e. the "follow" action of the widget did not work here either.



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