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Recommended songs won't play


I have been having problems for some time now with recommended songs that don't play. I go to a playlist and then go to play a recommended song and nothing happens with most of them. No error, doesn't progress to try the next song, it just doesn't work, but used to.


Songs that are in other playlists (or possibly saved for off-line use) do play.

Interestingly, I just tried to see if a song would work if I searched for the album directly, but it didn't work. I went back to my playlist and it came up in the recommended songs again and then did play. 


I just installed a new computer with a fresh version of Spotify and have the same behaviour, so thought it was time to report it. 

This happens on the( Mac desktop app as well as iOS mobile app.


Any ideas why this isn't working? I use the feature regularly...or at least, I used to...

Type of account: Family.
Country: Netherlands.


iPhone X (iOS 14.3) Spotify version

2020 MacBook Pro M1 (macOS Big Sur v11.1) Spotify version


Who Me Too'd this topic

Env: prod