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Apple Watch 4: Suddenly stops streaming, only controls iPhone now






Apple Watch 4 paired with iPhone 12 pro max: Both latest versions iOS

Operating System

(iOS 14.4 on phone )


My Question or Issue

My Apple Watch has been streaming Spotify for months now just fine.

Yesterday, all of a sudden, it will only control Spotify on my iPhone. I select the watch on the watch and the watch icon just blinks and blinks, and never connects it says.

Other cellular works on the watch, signal is strong.

Not sure what problem is.

Only thing I can think of was that last weekend, I changed my Spotify password and selected the option (done from computer) to disconnect all devices.

ON other devices I just had to put in the new password and they came up.

I don't see anywhere on the Apple Watch to update a password, and from what I understood, it would do this from the iPhone it is paired with, right?

Spotify on that phone has had the new password entered and works just fine.


Any thoughts or suggestions?


Thank you!!


Who Me Too'd this topic