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"Why go Premium?...... No ad interruptions"

Good morning!

I am a long time premium member, and continue to the enjoy the service while listening to my favorite artists, or the recommended artists that you guys suggest. This experience is far and above better than ANY other music streaming service out there. In fact, previously the ONLY time I would stray from Spotify was to hop onto the Apple Podcasts to listen to Joe Rogan Experience. This was monumental to me when you guys took over this Podcast, and I was excited to hear Joe mention that NOTHING will change.... Until now I realize that was not true.


As you will see in the attachments I have included some of your advertising to non-members that I grabbed from you website today 3/15/2021. If I weren't a member I would read these and find it VERY clear that Spotify DOES NOT make Premium users listen to Advertising. As I can tell from others who have posted on your forums, news articles, YouTube comments from angry users, and more you guys are likely VERY aware that this has an impact of your members.


I have always viewed Spotify as the company who didnt sell out. In times like these big names like Apple scoops up smaller businesses and forces them to abide by their ways of PROFITS... Spotify made a promise to its listeners that if we signed up for a service we were getting that service. Don't bait and switch your users. Go back to AD FREE as you still advertise today OR take down your false/misleading statements.


I really do enjoy this service, but if my user experience doesn't shift back to no-ads I will be cancelling immediately. I listen to Joe Rogan Experience while I am on long runs, and it completely throws me off for an ill-timed advertisement in the middle of a deep discussion. I've read several of your excuses that these are third party ads that the podcast host wants, but I don't care to hear that. If SPOTIFY is in control of their own service they can get a grip on what is happening.


In your Terms and Conditions you specifically state that some content "may contain advertising as part of the content". In the case of the JRE podcast it is NOT part of the content, but a broken off advertisement that plays separate from the content itself.



Plan - Family Plan $14.99/month

Country - USA

Device - iPhone/iPad

Operating System - IOS Up to date

Spotify Membership Length - 5+ years


Spotify Premium.jpg
Terms and Conditions.jpg
Who Me Too'd this topic