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Podcasts automatically added to your episodes on download

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When I wanted to listen to a podcast, I would simply download it. This allowed me to listen to it when it suited me without regards to my location. This was a simple process and took a total of 2 clicks to go from selecting the podcast to removal of the download when played

However this easy to manage system has now been mired in tedious additional clicks that provide no additional benefit. When a podcast is downloaded it's now added to Your Episodes. This is just another pointless list to have to manage, also needing 3 times as many clicks to carry out the simple act of downloading and removing when played. I do not understand the logic behind this change, it fails to serve a beneficial purpose for anyone, only taking up more time than was previously needed.

As my satisfaction of the product I'm paying for has dropped significantly, I request this change at the very least be made an opt in feature. 

Who Me Too'd this topic