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Home Screen Freezing






Samsung Galaxy Note 9

Operating System

One UI 2.5 - Android 10


My Question or Issue

The app keeps freezing after entering a playlist, then trying to go back to the home screen. The app will not respond to input until it is force closed and reopened. This happens almost every time I go back to the homepage, by pressing the back button in the system controls, the back button in the app, or by just selecting the home button in the app. 


If I am currently playing a song, then go back to the homepage and freeze the app, I can still select the song and access the now playing screen. I can use the media controls in the notification area while the app is frozen.


This issue does not occur while switching playlists in search or library tabs.


I have cleared data and cache, uninstalled, verified no local spotify files on device, then reinstalled. Same issue. I have restarted the phone multiple times.

Who Me Too'd this topic