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[PC] Stuck on "Redirecting to browser to complete login" loop.




Operating System

Windows 10


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Spotify for Windows 10 was working fine since installing it last month until today when I opened it and was prompted to log in. I clicked the "Log In" button, got directed to my browser, clicked "Continue To The App", get the "Authentication Complete" page, but nothing happened on the Spotify app. It remained on the "Redirecting to browser to complete login" message until I get a "Login timed out" message which then prompted me to log in again.

I have already tried the following:
- Restarting my computer
- Logging off then logging in again
- Using a different browser
- Uninstalling Spotify + deleting LocalApp files, downloading the Spotify installer from the website again, then performing a new clean install of Spotify for Windows 10

Oddly enough, I can see everything just fine on the Web Player. It's only the Windows App that keeps me stuck in a log in loop.

Who Me Too'd this topic