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Local Files ONLY won’t sync to iPhone

Casual Listener







IPhone XR, 2020 iPad Pro 11 inch, 2020 MacBook Air 

Operating System

iOS 10 14.6 (latest for all devices)


My Question or Issue

I'm having issues syncing my files to my iPhone. I have tried EVERYTHING I’ve seen mentioned to no avail. I deleted the app, made sure I was on the same wifi, changed the local file location, checked my firewall, made new playlists AND used existing ones, my devices are all up to date, etc. I can see them greyed out, but cannot select them (but they play on my laptop just fine). The strange thing is, it only does this syncing issue on my iPhone. When I downloaded Spotify on my iPad as an experiment, it synced the files and let me play them really easily, none were greyed out. Please help!! I don’t know what else to do I’ve done everything that has been advised in other forums.

Who Me Too'd this topic