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Unable to login due to Offline mode






Samsung Galaxy S10e

Operating System

Android 11


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I must start by saying that I am extremely disappointed that this is still a problem when I found several threads dating back to 2017 about this very issue.  Spotify never promised a fix in those threads, and by golly it looks like they stayed true to their word.  That a serious problem like this could persist for several years without being addressed is just ludicrous.  Makes me want to cancel my membership just based on their apathy alone.


The problem is that I am unable to login to the spotify app on my phone. When I open the app, at first it prompts me to login but then a window pops up saying "You are currently set to offline. Please go online to connect to spotify." with a big green CONNECT button below. Clicking the big button does nothing, the same window just returns.


I have tried the login without a password option, but the emailed links, which are supposed to be good for 4 hours, all say they are expired just seconds after receipt.


In one of the old threads, a spotify employee posted that the "fix" was simply to delete the pre-filled password on the login screen and to re-type the password.  Many users in the old threads reported that this did not work. Unfortunately, I tried this several times and can report that it is not working for me.


Of course this is a chicken and egg thing because I can't change the settings in the app when I can't login to open the app.

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